Zoning and Planning

VoC_Districts_Zoning_Map_25Zoning Board of Appeals
Office- 330-882-4782 Select Option 1

Alice Bogdansky, Chair

Joshua Pursley
DeAnna Jenkins

Mike Robinson
Dean Philips

The Zoning Board of Appeals will regularly meet the

3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

If there is no business to go before the board, the meeting will be canceled.


Zoning Inspector

Jeff Ferjutz
Office Hours
First Tuesday – 4 to 6 P.M.
Third Saturday – 8 to 10 A.M.
Contact Information
Office – 330-882-4782
Fax – 330-882-5220
Cell – 330-417-2298

Planning Commission

Bradlee Malcolm, Chair

Mike Boggs

Ellen Conroy, Council

Bud McDaniel, Mayor

Michael Ross

Village of Clinton Applications

B 731.02 Construction Contractor Annual Registration

SSS 1361.07 Vacant Building Registration (Commercial)

SS 1361.07 Vacant Building Registration (Residential)

C 771.02 Bed and Breakfast, Annual License Fee

CC 781.02 Short-Term Rental, Annual License Fee

S 1351.03 Notice of Foreclosure Filing Fee

R 1125.05 Application for an Oil and Gas Permit


 2022 Zoning Applications

New Commercial Building and Zoning Application

 2019 Zoning Applications

Clinton Residential Addition 2019.docx

Clinton Swimming Pool 2019.docx

Clinton Variance Application 2019.docx

Clinton Accessory Structure 2019.docx

Clinton Conditional Use Application 2019.docx

Clinton Fence 2019.docx

Clinton New Multi-Family Residential 2019.docx

Clinton New Residential 2019.docx